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Information as an Asset

"Well-managed information assets have the potential to deliver value, innovation and opportunity for any organization"

Information as an Asset: Today's Board Agenda. CILIP/KPMG Position Paper, February 2019

Your course facilitator


Denise Carter MSc FCLIP

Hello, my name is Denise. I am passionate about the power good information management has to transform teams and organisations. I've spent the last 30 plus years working as an information professional and through these courses I would love to share my knowledge, experience and my passion with you.

I currently run my own company – DCision Consult – which provides research and analysis support for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. I started the company in 2013 after working as an Information Manager in a multi-national pharmaceutical company in Switzerland for 17 years. I began my career as a Librarian for a chemical company in the UK.

I have always loved working with information because I get to help people, teams and organisations find the best possible answers to their questions. There are always new challenges and new things to learn to help me do my job better. If you are here then you clearly feel the same - that learning is a positive step towards improving yourself and how you do your job.

You can see more details about my experience, qualifications, publications and work with the information community on my LinkedIn profile.

Please feel free to email me anytime with questions, comments, suggestions for new content. I will do my best to answer promptly and as fully as I can. I hope you enjoy the course and come back for more. Take care.